Yes, Alexis Wore a White Gown to David’s Schitt’s Creek Wedding, and Yes, She Looked Amazing


As a newlywed, I can confirm that there would’ve been a riot if my sister wore a white gown to my wedding. Luckily, both of my younger sisters stuck to the dusty-blue color palette, but David Rose wasn’t so lucky when he tied the knot during the Schitt’s Creek series finale. He and Alexis go back and forth with their “love you, hate you” relationship on the show, so her decision to wear a wedding dress on his special day is hilariously on brand — even if it was on “accident.”

Although no one could really outshine Moira’s outfit choice, Alexis demanded attention in a satiny floor-length dress with a plunging neckline and dramatic bustled back. She accessorized with sparkling jewelry, but don’t worry, she opted out of the veil — I mean headdress — for David’s sake. Luckily, David appeared to forgive the oversight, so we can all appreciate Alexis’s gown for the piece of fashion it is. Check out more snaps of her full series finale ensemble below, and catch up on some of our favorite Alexis outfits of all time.