3 Tips to Maintain Your Hair and Skin at Home, According to Celebrity Beauty Experts

Feature Image by @shanidarden

While getting your hair done or booking a facial might not seem like a priority during times of uncertainty, tending to a little self-care can help us feel good during these monotonous days. In other words, we’re about to make a case for getting dolled up just to dance around the house.

Since you’re stuck at home, now is the perfect time to give your hair and skin that good TLC and try out these insider tips from three celebrity beauty experts. Your home will turn into your very own salon and spa in no time at all.

How to manage outgrown roots

When grays start to pop up or your roots start showing while salons are closed, you’re going to want some help. Try to wait it out if you can, but if you must dabble in at-home hair color, celebrity hair colorist, Nikki Lee of LA-based Nine Zero One Salon, suggests “not going more than two shades above or below your natural shade. Leave big color changes to the professionals.”

When it comes to picking out at-home products, Lee tells us “if you are looking for something more permanent, with full coverage, check out Garnier’s Nutrisse Ultra Coverage Nourishing Color Crème for a great at-home hair color.” Don’t want to fully commit to coloring your own hair? “If you are looking for a quick fix there are many spray choices that cover quickly,says Lee. There are many options to choose from, so trust us when we say you won’t be stuck with those roots forever.

Layer on the hair masks

It’s time to indulge in all of those hair masks you have piling up in your beauty stockpile. You know the ones. Mandy Moore’s hairstylist, Ashley Streicher, suggests you “…use this time to take extra care of your hair. I love Garnier’s 3-in-1 Masks, you can mix and match the flavors based on what your hair needs that day.” As if someone telling you that you can mask all you want isn’t enough, there are beneficial reasons for grooming that go beyond just a simple glow up. We also recommend the Briogeo Don’t Despair, Repair!™ Deep Conditioning Mask for instant shine and hydration.

Also, washing and styling your hair can give you more energy and motivation to get stuff done (or just feel human sitting around the house). You might even want to attempt a new go-to style. “This is a great time to learn to wear hair air-dried,” Streicher tells us. She shares the full tutorial for her air-dried “cool girl waves” on the Streicher Sisters’ YouTube Channel.

Give your skin a facial

While hair tends to have a personality of its own, the skin functions as its own entity – especially during bouts of stress. Seeing that this is a stressful time for everyone, your skin might be freaking out a little (or a lot). Shani Darden, a celebrity esthetician whose clients include Chrissy Teigen and Jessica Alba, says “this is a great time to try out new products to see what works for your skin and what doesn’t. Try incorporating new products and devices into your facial routine.”

You can also follow these steps in the meantime for an at-home facial routine created by Darden herself.

  • Cleanse. Darden starts out with a quick cleanse, “I like Cleansing Serum. It’s an effective cleanser that removes all makeup and impurities without stripping the skin.” Whether you’ve managed to make it to the couch or have stayed in bed all day, be sure to give your face a good wash will products you love and that work for you.
  • Exfoliate. “I love a chemical exfoliant like the Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads. They will remove the dead layer of skin on the surface to brighten the skin and allow products to better penetrate the skin,” notes Darden. Focus on something calming and activating, not abrasive and pillaging.
  • Mask time. After your skin is prepped, you can start to treat it with a mask. Comb through that drawer of masks, slap it on, and practice self-care like it should be done (preferably in a tub accompanied by wine).
  • Don’t skip serums. After masking, Darden recommends “using a hyaluronic acid serum like iS Clinical’s Hydra-Cool Serum to deeply hydrate and plump up the skin.”
  • Lock in moisture. The final step is to finish with a great moisturizer that works best for your skin type.

Don’t have these exact products on hand? No problem. You can do all of these steps with whatever you have in your beauty stash. When all else fails, chop up a cucumber and place them on the eyes. Pair this relaxing practice with a nice cocktail and you’ve got the spa thing down in our book.

xx, The FabFitFun Team