4 Tips on Sleeping with Braided Hair For Perfect AM Waves


The best hairstyles are the ones that don’t take hours to execute before we have to rush out. For this reason, braiding hair overnight for perfect early AM waves has been a cult favorite move for decades. Here are the best tips to make your overnight braid waves the best hairstyle you will sport all week.

Silk is Your Friend

Yes, yes. We know. You’ve heard this ad nauseam, but there is a reason why celebrities and hairstylists rave about silk pillowcases. Cotton may damage and pull at hair overnight but swapping our old pillowcase for a silk version will ensure you wake up with less frizz and more manageable hair. Overnight braid waves work best when you use a silk pillowcase as they turn out more defined and healthy-looking. The golden standard is Slip Silk Pillowcases ($85.00) but you can find alternatives at various prices online.

Always Hydrate

In order for your overnight braid waves to look effortless, they need to be bouncy and look healthy. Nobody wants a fried bird’s nest hanging from their head. In order to ensure the bounciest waves, make sure you start with hydrated tresses. You can take care of this in the shower by applying a mask for a few minutes like Virtue’s Restorative Treatment Mask ($66.00).

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You Need Dry Strands

The only real way you can ruin overnight braid waves is by leaving too much moisture in your hair. If you braid when your hair is still too wet, you will experience frizz after you undo the braids. You need dry or close-to-dry strands in order for the look to work. In order to wick away excess moisture, run a blowdryer with ions through your hair before you get to braiding. T3’s Cura Hairdryer ($179.99) will get the job done and reduce frizz instantly.

Never Overlook the Hair Tie

Most people don’t give their hair ties much thought, but to achieve this look you need to do precisely the opposite. You need to pick something strong enough to withstand your tossing and turning but delicate enough to not leave an impression on your hair. Invisibobble’s ($8.00) are the perfect option, latching on throughout the night but not leaving a trace behind.

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