5 Things You Should Always Expect When You Dye Your Hair for the First Time


Although we want to think we are baddies, there are a few things that make us incredibly nervous. Final exams, bad friends and the prospect of coloring our hair for the first time all make us sweat. While we can’t help with a few of these things, we’ve got you covered when it comes to guiding you through your first dye job. Here are the 5 things you can always expect when you dye your hair for the first time.

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Long Chat with your Hair Pro

If you are walking into a salon to dye your hair for the first time and your pro doesn’t take a few minutes to discuss your color goals, run out of there….fast! You will know you are in good hands when your colorist walks you through what hues are possible and which are not. They will also talk about your hair’s health and how much bleach or dye it can realistically take. Your colorist will also let you know if you need multiple trips to the salon to achieve that platinum blonde or baby pink you’ve been lusting over. If your hair colorist sits you down and tries to start the coloring sesh without any of these conversations you should look for a new professional that truly knows what they are doing.

Even Longer Appointment

Now that your pro gave you a quick hair color 411, get cozy, it’s going to be a long appointment. You’re probably used to spending less time at the salon when you would go for haircuts, trims, or glosses. Hair color is no joke and you can expect to be sitting in your chair north of one hour. There are multiple processes that need to happen and oftentimes a colorist will have more than one client at any given time so that they make the best use of their day. Don’t stress. Come to the appointment with a fully charged phone and don’t be shy about asking the color assistant for water, coffee, or tea.

Different Texture

When its all said and done, your hair’s texture is going to change. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but this is just the truth. Any chemical interaction your hair is a part of will alter the way it feels. Worry not, you can counteract a lot of the dryness and overall negative effects with a good mask. Ask your pro what they recommend and start giving your hair a bit more TLC after the procedure.

Changing Scenarios

Going to the salon for a hair color change is very different than going for any other service. Your color pro needs to see their finished work under various lights like natural sunlight, under salon lamps, or next to mirror lightbulbs. This ensures that they nailed the exact hue they were going for. Unlike other treatments or cuts where you can leave the salon without a blowout, your pro will most likely blow out a portion of your hair to see what the color looks like dry. Don’t fret, you can still decline a full blowdry if it isn’t in your budget on that particular day but they will dry a chunk of hair to color test.


Changing your hair color should always be a positive experience. You can expect your friends and SO to notice immediately, especially the first time you take the plunge. If you feel anything less than stellar or if you are met with a lot of quizzical looks, talk to your hair pro about the end results. They strive for happy customers and know that you are a literal walking business card so they will do anything to make things right.

Now that you’ve decided to take the hair color plunge, FIGURE OUT what type of color you actually want!