5 Types of Brushes for Your Scalp Health (Yes, It Matters)

Feature Image by AVEDA

Chances are, you already own a variety of hairbrushes from round brushes to detanglers. But how many of those brushes are actually good for your scalp? When it comes to your scalp health, not all brushes are made equally.

“The health of your hair is dependent on the health of your scalp,” Shelly Aguirre, a stylist at Maxine Salon in Chicago, tells FabFitFun. “Brushing can help stimulate hair growth, and help break up any build-up you may have on your scalp and hair. Using the right brush is imperative.”

If you aren’t using the right kind of brush, it can lead to issues such as a greasy, dry, or itchy scalp, dandruff, or even hair loss. So here are the best brushes for your scalp health because, yes, it really does matter.

Spornette Cushion Oval Boar Bristle Hair Brush $24.97

A natural boar bristle brush, like this one from Spornette, is perfect for brushing out your hair while it’s dry. According to Aguirre, this can be used on any hair type. “I also have my clients with extensions use a boar bristle brush,” she says. “The natural bristles are gentle enough and also add shine.”

SUPRENT Round Brush $11.99

A brush like this with ceramic and ionic bristles is great for adding body and waves to your hair. According to Aguirre, the ceramic heats up evenly and the ions can help dry your hair faster. 

Denman D6 Be-Bop Brush $8.95

Aguirre recommends Denman brushes for straightening curlier hair. “These brushes are made from plastic and have many rows closer together that give the tension needed to blow curly hair out straight,” she says. These are great to use for stimulating the scalp, especially if you need something more gentle.

This brush from Drybar will help you get smooth and shiny hair while reducing your blow-dry time due to its ceramic barrel.

 Aveda Wooden Paddle Brush $28

Aveda’s wooden paddle brush has extended bristles, which makes detangling your hair much easier. You’ll be able to smooth out your hair while blow-drying without adding stress to your hair and scalp.

xx, The FabFitFun Team