7 Haircuts to Make Your Hair Look Thicker

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That effortless yet thick and voluminous hair look is definitely a hot trend from coast to coast. So what’s a fine-haired girl to do? Ahead, we asked hairstylists to recommend haircuts that’ll make your locks look as thick as Rapunzel’s.

Textured Blunt Cut

“For the cut, I would suggest blunt ends with texture/movement in the layers. This will allow lift where necessary! Most all of my fine hair clients receive a dry cut! I highly recommend this because it allows you to see where the “weight” lies,” says Amy Putens, an elite stylist at Ian McCabe Studio. Amy also swears by dry shampoo and texture sprays for extra volume.

Sharp Blunt Cut

“Depending on the rate of hair loss, I always recommend doing a blunt cut. Anything blunt and sharp will make the hair appear thicker. It’s also important for your hairstylist to not overly texturize your hair and use less product,” says Anna Jackson, celebrity stylist at Chicago’s BOSSHAIR GROUP. She adds, “Sometimes, just a really good shampoo and conditioner with a tiny bit of blowout spray is all you need. Bangs can also help disguise a thinning hairline, and if bangs seem too committal, then a long swoop bang can be good too. Blunt blunt blunt!”

Edgy Taper

Darius Peace of Hayah Beauty is an expert in natural hair. He says, “Tapering the hair on the sides and the back can create an illusion of thicker hair because of the ascending nature of the cut. Easy and low maintenance, this classic quiff cut can be very attractive on both men and women.”

Slightly Stacked Angled Bob

“My goal was to give her a shape that felt proportionate and easy to style,” offers Alabama stylist Hope Russo. “I gave her a slightly stacked bob to create the illusion of density and fullness in the back and angled it forward to push her hair forward and make her sides seem less fine. Styling in loose curls or waves gives an impression of thickness in hair that might otherwise hang listlessly and is something that I always recommend to my fine-haired clients.

Full Fringe

“Opt for a full fringe! Ask your stylist to use your facial features as a guide to add layers to your entire cut. Get the extra weight off of the front of your hair to frame your face and give your hair permission to bounce. The heavier the fringe, the bolder the statement,” says Beth Weber, hairstylist and founder of Refuge Hair.

Soft Textured Blunt Perimeter Cut

“Ask for a blunt perimeter with soft texture and movement instead of layers that may make the bottom of your hair look thinner. Soft face-framing can make the front look thicker around the hairline too,” says Tabitha F, who specializes in fine hair and hair loss.

Short Shag

“Ask your stylist for a shorter shag that’s not left too long. The shorter layers can mask the fineness of hair by styling it tousled and loose,” says Ramona Villanueva, Stylist at BOSSHAIR GROUP. She explains, “Choosing the right length of layers for an individual can create the illusion of thicker hair as long as it complements the head shape.”

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