Beauty Editors, Influencers, and Experts Reveal Their Air-Drying Routines for Wavy, Curly, and Coily Hair


Maintaining a sleek hairstyle just isn’t a top priority for most people these days. We’re all in quarantine to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus — the motivation to heat-style hair on a regular basis has dissipated pretty quickly. But we’ve still got virtual meetings, happy hours, and more to attend via webcam, and we still want to look nice for those. That said, right now is a prime time to put down the blow-dryers and curling irons and let natural waves, curls, and coils flourish.

Anyone with curls will tell you that air-drying hair certainly requires more effort than simply wetting it and letting it dry on its own — but with the right products and tips, it can take far less effort than blow-drying your hair before curling it again or straightening it manually. We asked beauty editors, hairstylists, and influencers with wavy, curly, and coily textures to reveal their go-to routines, tips, and products for air-drying their hair so you can sit back and get some work done while your hair does most of the styling for you.

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Kara McGrath, deputy editor: 2A waves

Kara McGrath/Allure

“On my wash days, I comb my hair in the shower using the Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling Brush before I rinse out my conditioner. After showering, I wrap my hair up in the Aquis Rapid Dry Lisse Hair Turban while I apply my skin and body care. It absorbs excess moisture but doesn’t cause as much frizz as drying with a normal towel.

“I don’t comb my hair once I’m out of the shower. Instead, I shake it out and use my fingers to start to separate and scrunch the waves. After my waves have dried about 10 percent, I apply a curl-enhancing product. I have a bunch I rotate through, but my favorites right now are Fatboy Hair Tacky Oil and Bumble & bumble Surf Styling Leave-In. I squirt the product into my palms, then use the praying-hands method to distribute it about an inch from my roots to the ends. I scrunch a little to form the waves, then try not to touch it again until it’s totally dry.”

Nicola Dall’Asen, staff writer: 3A curls

Nicola Dall’Asen/Allure