Flat Iron Mistakes You May Be Making & How to Fix Them!


There is a right way and a wrong way, gals.

It may seem like styling hair straight is pretty simple and straight forward, but there are a few common mistakes that I see women make that I’m sharing on today’s video. I’ll discuss the wrong way something is being done, and share what you can do to avoid that mistake!

Throughout the video, I share a few product recommendations as well as tips for encouraging volume at the root area with a flat iron.

I also shared a few helpful links to other videos at the end of today’s video, so make sure to watch until the very end to see!

If you are interested in any of the products or tools I used in today’s tutorial, simply click here to explore them!

My hair is always on the dry side, but it is especially dry after coming off of a few months of hard, unfiltered water in our shower at the new house. Thankfully I’ve resolved that issue now, so I’m trying to rehydrate and replenish the ends of my hair to see if I can restore some health into them!

It may be past that point, but I’m attempting to grow my hair out right now and I’d like to avoid a 2-3 inch chop if I can!


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