Here’s How to Make a Mullet Work for You


Business in the front, party in the back seems to be the motto for 2020, as the mullet has made quite the comeback.

With stars like Miley Cyrus and Halsey sporting the unique look, the curiosity surrounding this style has been growing. If you’re daring enough to give the cut a go yourself, we’ve rounded up a few tips to help you nail the trend. Without further ado, here’s how to make the mullet work for you!

Do Your Research

Miley Cyrus has admitted she’s her mother’s daughter, but with her latest hair style, it’s safe to say she’s also her father’s daughter. The mullet was once synonymous with Billy Ray Cyrus, though Miley has made the look her own. It’s safe to say this style of mullet isn’t your father’s type of hairdo.

That all to say, there are plenty different styles of mullet out there. No two are the same, so start by doing some research as to which length attracts you the most. You might end up deciding you want it a little bit shorter or longer than anticipated.

Know Your Face Shape

This goes without saying for any haircut, but it’s especially important you find a mullet that works best for your face shape. You may fall in love with a particular take on the cut, but the next step is to figure out if it can work with your face shape.

If you already know your face shape, then you’re likely one step ahead of us. If you’re still unsure as to what your face shape is, these three steps may help you finally figure it out once and for all.

Understand Your Hair’s Texture

Falling inline with the above tip, knowing your hair’s texture will also help you discover the type of mullet you can pull off best. Not only that, it’ll aid you in deciding on a style that offers the lowest possible maintenance for you.

Whether you’re a professional hairstylist or simply an individual with hair, we can all agree the less work you have to put into styling your tresses, the better.

Talk to Your Stylist

If there’s one way to make sure this mullet process is on the path to success, it’s by talking to your stylist. They’re there for you, like hair fairy godmothers in a sense. Because they always have your best interests at heart and likely understand your locks better than you, they’ll know exactly how to chop up the mullet of your dreams.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to come with some ideas already prepared, that way they don’t go to work without your stamp of approval. They obviously know what do do, but some extra guidance from you is always appreciated.

Make Sure You’re Ready to Commit

Above all else, it’s critical you’re ready to commit to such a standout look. You can do all the research and put faith in your stylist, but if you’re not confident you can rock the mullet, you might end up being disappointed with the outcome.

Before you go through with anything, really set some time aside to decide if this is a style you’re ready to sport. It can be quite the drastic chop, depending on the style you currently have, so give this idea some time to marinate. If you can’t stop thinking about having a mullet of your very own, then go ahead and get it. But if there’s the slightest whiff of hesitation, it might be best to avoid the mullet… for now.

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