How to Create a Butterfly Ponytail


With these stay-at-home orders in place, there’s no real need to dress to impress this spring. But that doesn’t mean you can’t stockpile inspo for a (hopefully) COVID-free summer. This week we’re letting you in on a groundbreaking ponytail trend we’re obsessing over: the butterfly ponytail. This wrapped-and-feathered little updo goes way beyond your everyday average grade school staple. Read on for a step by step breakdown of the eye-catching trend we can’t get enough of.

Start with a sleek pony

The key to the perfect butterfly pony begins at the nape of the neck, with a smooth, sleek, ponytail. Once secure, take a thin 1/4 inch section from one side of the pony and wrap it around the hair-tie and pin in place. Hiding the elastic makes for a seamless looking ‘do. Then smooth down flyaways with your go-to sleek strand product and you’re ready to go!

Opt for a colorful thread

To create the “body” of the butterfly pony, you’ll need a colorful thread or string. Opt for something a little thicker than a sewing thread. Tie the string underneath your hidden hair tie, leaving most of the length on one side of the tie. Now you’re ready to begin wrapping!

Wrap those wings

Wrap the string around a few times, working down the length of your pony. Then, pull a 1/4 inch section of hair from each side of the ponytail out. Pin these pieces to your head to keep them from getting pulled back into your ‘do if need be. Continue wrapping underneath the pulled out sections. Repeat this process, wrapping the string around a few times and pulling out small sections from the sides until the butterfly “body” is your desired length.

Tie it off and comb it out

Tie off the string on the underside of the ponytail. Cut any remaining length off of the string once it is secure. Unclip the pulled out pieces and use a fine tooth comb to brush out your “wings.”

Texture those tresses

Use your favorite texturizing clay or spray to add a piecey look to your pony, fluffing up the “wings” for full-body look. Finish this off with a spritz of shine spray too smooth down flyaways around your face and part.

Watch Mane Master Emmanuelle Campolieti create the look step by step below.