I Tried the Nine Zero One Founders’ In Common Crystal Cashmere Treatment—You Have to See the Results


We’re now going on eight months since I’ve gotten a haircut. I had a trim in Feb., just before COVID-19 locked us down. Who knew it’d be well into September (and perhaps longer) before I sat in a salon chair again?

With that said, you can probably get a sense of the state of my hair at the moment: uneven lengths, frizz and split ends galore. There couldn’t possibly be a way to temporarily revive my mane from home, could there?

I’d basically try anything at this point, so when a rep for Nine Zero One reached out about reviewing the renowned hair salon’s two-part hair repair formula, I jumped at the chance. In Common’s Crystal Cashmere duo has just been released as an at-home system, after formerly only been offered professionally at salons.

In Common Crystal Cashmere At Home Kit: $50

The set comes with 2 oz. tubes of In Common Cashmere Fusion and In Common Crystal Serum. The products are aimed at overly bleached/dyed hair and dry, brittle strands. The end result is expected to leave hair looking nourished and strengthened. It’s packed with a handful of natural, hydrating oils, including avocado, argan and jojoba. It’s also made with silk proteins, aloe vera and prickly pear seed oil.

via In Common

The Experience

When my set arrived in the mail, I was immediately taken by its packaging. Sleek and chic with a flashy font, this definitely appeared to be some high-grade material I was getting my hands on. But while that was all great and good, I was left with limited instruction on how to actually put the set to use. There’s an FAQ link on the back of the tubes, but it didn’t provide any video, and I couldn’t find any info on how to do this. I decided to let the items sit in my beauty closet for the time being, and figured I’d get to it later.

To my surprise, a month later, the rep reached out again and said that Nine Zero One founders Riawna Capri and Nikki Lee were hosting a one-of-a-kind Zoom how-to for a selection of bloggers and editors who work in beauty. I obviously RSVP’d immediately.

Before the session began, we were sent two white towel-like scrunchies from Kitsch, and were instructed to keep our cameras on and come prepared with freshly washed, wet hair and our own towel and comb.

I was really nervous because I don’t do well with complicated instructions, but let me tell you—the ladies’ play-by-play how-to made things exceptionally simple! We divided our hair in three sections, and covered each section first with Cashmere Fusion and then next with Crystal Serum. When I was done with the application, there was still plenty of formula left to spare. I left my hair up in three buns and waited about 90 minutes before rinsing. We were instructed to leave the products in for about an hour minimum, but we could leave it in longer for greater effect.

As soon as I rinsed, my hair felt healthy. But sometimes I’m misled by how it feels wet, and by the time it dries or I try to flat iron, it ends up feeling greasy. I was nervous in this case because my hair doesn’t do well with conditioner or anything especially hydrating. But as luck would have it, I was in for a treat. Not only did the process cut down my flat iron process by 30 minutes (it only took approximately 15 minutes once air-dried), but it looked good when finished. It felt so nourished and luscious. I, of course, posted on Instagram and felt like I was fishing for compliments, but hey, it was well-deserved, amirite?

Bottom Line

While I was definitely intimidated at first glance, once I experienced the hands-on tutorial, I realized this kit is a cinch. I’m going to approximate three uses out of the combined products, which is approximately $17 a treatment since the set is $50. I was marveled by how much time in cut from my flat iron routine, and the freshly treated locks lasted about five days before I opted to wash my hair again. Without question, I recommend this duo. It’s also not messy at all, so consider that an added bonus!

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