Kylie Jenner’s Colorist Explains Everything You Need to Know About Bronde


Not too blonde and not too brunette, bronde is our favorite blended color. The versatile hue proves you can have the best of both worlds, which is great because not only do we want it all, we’re also indecisive. Bronde is totally customizable, which means it’s flattering for every skin tone. It’s also an effortless way to subtly transition your color through the seasons – just highlight or darken your base. Even though bronde has been on our radar for a minute, when Kylie lightened up her signature Kardash-Jenner raven locks we instantly remembered why we’re infatuated with the shade. To find out how Kylie got her bronde so on point and how we can copy it, we reached out to celebrity colorist and Redken ambassador, Cassondra Kaeding, that did it for her.

What to know before going bronde

If you want to go bronde, the most important thing to pay attention to is your skin tone and undertones. The only way to get this color wrong would be for your colorist to mix a shade that doesn’t bring you out the way it potentially could. “The great thing about bronde is that it caters to all skin tones,” says Cass, “so make sure when you are looking for inspo, pay attention to people that have similar skin tones and hair color as yourself. Your colorist will help guide you in the right direction,” she explains. 

Even if your hair is pre-darkened, you can still achieve your dream bronde. If you fall into this category, Cass points out that going bronde is the perfect opportunity to streamline the lightening process. “Start with a subtle dark to medium transition, allowing you to later lighten up without compromising your hair,” she notes. The same goes if your hair has been bleached – bronde allows you to build up layers of color regardless of where you’re starting from.  “If your hair is currently bleached, this is actually a good canvas to create the bronde look you want to achieve,” says Cass. 

Hair integrity

Though bronde is multifaceted, be mindful of the integrity of your locks so you don’t cause damage. “Bleached hair is usually on the drier, more compromised side, which causes color to fade fast, which means you might have a follow up appointment sooner than you expected,” she continues. 

The right bronde for you depends on several factors aside from your skin tone, including your natural base color and your hair color history. Cass notes that if you have been dying your hair very dark to black for two years or more, that while it’s achievable “it will take time before you get to your ideal bronde hair color.” 

We watched Kylie go bronde on IG and Cass affirms the whole thing really was as fun as it looked. “Taking Kylie bronde was a fun, exciting challenge. The key to our success is that she had real expectations, and knew that getting her to her ideal bronde would take time to make sure her hair was NOT compromised,” says Cass. 

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