Should You Cut Your Own Bangs?


If you are female, chances are you’ve either cut your own bangs or wanted to cut your own bangs at some point in your life. At the very least, you’ve done *some* un-supervised trimming on your mane #noshame, we’ve been there too. With that said, more and more celebs are getting bangs these days–like Ariana Grande, Gigi Hadid, and Alessandra Ambrosio–and we don’t know about you, but our scissors seem like they’re calling our name. Read on to learn from a pro if you should cut bangs at home!

To help us decide whether or not we should take matters into our own hands, we turned to stylist Melissa Parizot, who’s cut the most gorgeous wispy bangs on Hailey Baldwin. Melissa said, “If you have the time, always seek professional help first, but let’s face it—we all get a little antsy and want to take matters into our own hands sometimes.” Translation: seek a professional if you can, but if you’re itching for a quick cut, don’t be afraid to try a little trim yourself.

Let’s talk scissors. Melissa suggested we visit a local beauty supply store to find a pair of inexpensive sheers. These aren’t the best quality and your stylist’s will definitely be better, obvs, but for a monthly bang trim they will do the job. She let us know that, “The big secret behind cutting bangs is to make sure they are dry before cutting. When they are wet, it is hard to gauge the length and most people will over cut. Keep in mind that hair will have more volume when dry.” She even went on to give us a step-by-step, should you decide to take the risk and chop your fringe on your own. Check it out, below.

 Cut Bangs at Home Blonde Girl with bangs scissors cutting bangs

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1. Style them how you would normally wear them

2. Pick a reference point. For example: eyelid, eyebrow, or eyelash, so that you can determine the length. Place your hair between two fingers at the point without applying too much tension on the hair (aka don’t pull down)

3. Cut using point cuts (holding the scissor vertical) vs. straight across for a softer look. Start in the middle and work your way to the side, and make sure they are even

So, to answer the age old question,”Should you cut bangs at home?” The answer is: GET IT GURL.

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