The 2 step bun (aka the way I’ve been wearing my hair all summer)


I’ll save you my usual paragraph about how humid it is here and jump right into the tutorial.

A friend recently asked me for a quick style that is not just a ponytail and can be dressed up and casual and is really fast and easy with almost zero effort.

Well, so she didn’t use those exact words, but I paraphrased.

I started pulling my hair into a low bun because a higher ponytail was giving me headaches as my hair was starting to get a bit long again. And I did this simple little trick that takes about 4 seconds to change the entire bun into something a bit more polished.

Watch the tutorial here:

It’s so simple, right? The wrapping part makes the entire bun look fuller and more proportional, which is always a win in my book. And in case you are curious, these are my favorite bobby pins and these are my favorite clear elastics.