The Best Fall 2020 Hairstyles From the Runways of London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week


@jtfirstman chatted with WWD about his viral impressions, celebrity fans, and how lockdown set him free. ⁣

The TV writer has become a star of quarantine life thanks to his “impressions” series on Instagram — and is having the time of his life. For Firstman, 2020 started with a breakup, a canceled TV show and movie, but now he’s convinced it’s his year.⁣

The celebrity set is not known for an ability to relate to the masses — particularly during the early days of quarantine, as they toughed it out from their mansions — but many famous women have found Firstman’s content relatable, accelerating his platform.⁣

“I mean, honestly this is going to sound so gross, but there are so many. At first, the first month, every time I got a big one, it would be really exciting. And now it’s like, ‘Reese calm down, we don’t have to DM every day. Natalie Portman, let’s chill for a second,’” he deadpans. ⁣

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