The Best Ways to Disguise Roots Until You Can Get to a Salon


Especially when working from home, there really is no better get-stuff-done hairstyle. The topknot is the chic yet easy style that most of us will turn to in times of need. But it turns out, a topknot doesn’t just have to be the thrown-up, scruffy style we know it to be. In fact, it can be incredibly stylish, all while helping to reduce the appearance of root contrast.

John Vial, global influencer for Revlon Professional, explains that by bringing grown-out lengths to the front of the bun, you can create the illusion of more colour. He explains, “For those with long hair, pull your hair up into a pony and wrap leaving four or five inches on the ends. Use this hair to create a faux fringe at the front and use clips to hold in place.”

But what about visible roots elsewhere? “Gently tug and pull down bits of hair at the sides. This will cover roots with lighter hair,” says Vial. Finish up with a shine spray to help disguise dry ends and then set in place with hairspray.