These 7 Celebs Are the Biggest Trendsetters in Hair Right Now


Celebs are known to change their hair literally every day.

One day it’s short, the next day it’s filled with massive extensions; one day it’s pink, the next day it’s blue. But regardless the frequency of change, some stars always nail their temporary look—so much so that people everywhere want to copy it.

We’ve rounded up 7 of the biggest celebrity trendsetters in hair today. Keep reading for find out who they are!

Kim Kardashian West

Long, mermaid hair has been around for a very long time—but not until recently did KKW make it a thing. The mogul’s self-proclaimed idol Cher rocked booty-length locks back in the ’70s, but no one notable has worn the look out and about since. Kim recently took the style mainstream, influencing people all over Instagram, including lil sis Kylie Jenner.

Charlize Theron

We’re the first to admit Charlize’s shocking-yet-chic bowl cut is far from easy to pull off. That said, the actress wore it effortlessly, inspiring plenty others to attempt this bold ‘do, reminiscent of Josie Bissett in the ’90s during her Melrose Place days.

Kristen Stewart

KStew’s hair has come a long way since her traditional lengthy locks of the iconic Twilight days. In recent years, the starlet has expertly rocked everything from a buzzcut to a faux-hawk and more—with us most notably fawning over her tousled side-part look. We can’t pull it off as seamlessly as the actress, but we’d be lying if we said we didn’t try.

Kylie Jenner

Remember when wigs were cheap wads of synthetic hair you’d buy for $15 packaged in plastic wrap around Halloween time? Welp, Kylie Jenner changed all that! Pretty much every star under the sun has donned a high-end wig—and a colored one, no less—since the Kylie Cosmetics creator put the accessories on the map!

Ariana Grande

Sure, Ari’s known for her pint-sized stature and unparalleled singing voice—but there’s no denying the superstar’s signature high-pony makes her all the more iconic.

Nicki Minaj

No one does pink better than the Pink Friday queen, herself, Nicki Minaj. While slews of celebs, including Kylie Jenner and Cardi B, have gone on to stylishly rock a pastel pink wig, Ms. Minaj was at the trend’s forefront.

Miley Cyrus

Miley never ceases to amaze us (err… shock us) when it comes to her look altogether—but her latest hairstyle, a bleach blonde, shoulder-length shag, is hands down one of our all-time faves. The former Disney starlet knows how to pull off edgy-chic better than anyone, so it’s no surprise people are clamoring to score this hot new ‘do.

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