3 Reasons to Love NatureBox


It’s time to fuel: Nature Box brings a diverse assortment of healthy snacks to your home or office! 

NatureBox offers new snacks offered monthly with dozens to choose from and new ones added monthly. 


The first 30 days is FREE, then it’s $30/year! Membership also includes 40% off every order, every day; free shipping on order of more than $25; snack guarantee (if you don’t love it, they will fix it) and a $5 store credit every month. 


They want to keep you fueled with healthy options that do not include artificial colors, preservatives, flavors, MSG or hydrogenated oils.


NatureBox categories include Chips & Crackers, Cookies & Bars, Dried Fruits, Coffee, Wellness Snacks and CBD Snacks.

The new, delicious category has Hemp Extract and CBD! Some of our favorites are Grain-free Vanilla Cereal + Hemp extract, Matcha Latte + Hemp Extract, Lemon-aid Cookie + Hemp Extract  and Minty Carob Truffles + Hemp Extract.

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