Members of TWICE Reveal New Hair Color And Launch TikTok Account — Photos


At this point, is there anyone who is not on TikTok? Allure‘s May cover star Jihyo, along with her fellow TWICE members, have joined the hype and not only launched their own account, but also revealed completely new hair looks as the K-pop group prepares for their upcoming June album release.

In multiple videos posted on Monday, April 20, everyone in the nonet has different colors and hairstyles from when Allure shot them back in February — and we’re loving all the new hues.


In five different videos, the ladies of TWICE paired up to do a dance challenge to One Direction’s “Still the One.” Viewers can see Jihyo is now a stunning pink-blonde. Momo and Mina have both bleached their formerly black hair, too. Jeongyeon has also jumped on the blonde train with an ash tone.

Tzuyu, on the other hand, went for a more subtle change from chocolate brown to a brunette with a fun cherry-red tint. Nayeon opted for a shoulder-grazing lob cut and a gorgeous brunette gloss.

Others chose bold, vibrant colors. Sana changed her warm auburn to bright orange. Dahyun and Chaeyoung opted for blue shades, with Dahyun going full cobalt blue after being blonde from a while and Chaeyoung framing her face with ’90s-inspired, faded-blue highlights.

While we quarantine, we understand the urge to want to dye your hair. TWICE is just the latest group of celebrities changing their hair color completely during this time, making an at-home hair makeover seem especially tempting. If you thinking of bleaching your hair like Momo, Mina, and Jeongyeon, professional hairstylists have a word of warning for you. Instead, consider color-depositing conditioners, like Overtone’s, for a damage-free, TWICE-inspired transformation.

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