This Body Care Range Is My Secret to Soft Skin, and It Smells Unbelievable


When I first stumbled across the Almond Shower Oil (£20) a few years ago, it was love at first sniff. The idea of a shower oil really didn’t appeal to me given that my skin is naturally quite oily and prone to congestion (especially on my arms and back), but from the moment I picked up the tester and got a whiff of the clean, comforting, almost marzipan-like scent, I was all in.

As I dropped the bottle at the till point, along with my go-to Lavender Foaming Bath (£26), the cashier grinned, and after asking me if I had tried the shower oil before, said, “Welcome to a club you’ll never leave.” I walked out of the store wondering in what sort of world the cashier thought I lived. One where I could afford to spend £20 on a new body wash every time I ran out (clearly). 

The truth is, however, that the minute I dripped out the oil onto a wash cloth and watched on as the nourishing oil turned into a silky cream, I knew that this was a body wash I never really wanted to be without. Leaving skin feeling comforted and impossibly soft, I can honestly say that I never have, and doubt I ever will experience another product like it. It’s a bit like giving your skin a hug every time you step into the shower/bath.