We Asked People What Music Calmed Their Anxiety and Turned It Into a Playlist


When I feel like anxiety is using my chest as a trampoline, or when my stress levels are getting too high, I do one of five things: take a nap, write down my feelings, relax in a yoga flow, sweat it out on my mat, or listen to music. For me, anything by Maggie Rogers or Lauv calms my overworked mind. For others — and I asked around on social media — it’s songs from artists such as Harry Styles, Maren Morris, Lana Del Rey, Mac Miller, and Links” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>John Mayer. Some even said soundtracks to movies did the trick.

Ahead, check out a playlist comprised of music that soothes anxiety and stress, according to people on Twitter and Instagram (and POPSUGAR colleagues). I added a few of my favorites as well. Maybe you’ll enjoy this whole list; maybe you’ll only deem a few to be effective. Either way, the compilation, which you can find on Spotify below and via YouTube in the upcoming slides, combines songs that are slow and melodic with hits that are upbeat and uplifting (some are a mixture of both). Press play to see for yourself, and discover what soothes you and shifts your mood. Not into this? Check out our playlist full of songs that discuss mental health.