TikTok’s Best Makeup Looks for Prom 2020 — See Videos

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Due to the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, proms and other formal, school-sanctioned dances across the country have been canceled, no questions asked. For a lot of teens, that’s a pretty big deal. Many have already spent upwards of hundreds of dollars on gowns, suits, and all the accessories that go along with them. Some might’ve already booked a professional hairstylist or makeup artist for the occasion. Now those expensive outfits and services sadly have nowhere to be seen. The teens on TikTok have a solution to everything, though, and the #CanceledProm issue is no different.

Whether they’re hosting their own virtual proms or just getting dressed up, taking some pictures, and calling it a night, high school students are finding ways to show their planned prom looks to the world. And they’re busting out some amazing beauty looks to do it — seriously, why are today’s teens so much better at makeup and hair than everyone else? Below, see just a few of our favorite quarantine prom looks.

User @caitlyn_dlg put together this matte complexion and purple smoky eye almost entirely with drugstore products. Take a tip from her book and build out your eye look with powder eye shadows before topping it off with a sparkling liquid formula.

Prom might’ve gotten canceled for @averyyolsen, but she more than made up for it with her golden eye shadow and contoured cheekbones. She gets bonus points for bringing back the ’90s with those wavy hair tendrils.

Fluffy eyebrows and yellow-gold cat eyes make this prom look from @livvmarkley an absolute stunner. Follow her lead with a pigmented liquid eye shadow and false eyelashes that fan outward.

TikTok user @heysofimakeup arguably has the most extra prom look on the entire app, thanks to her dark eyebrows, bright red eye shadow shades, and blinding gold highlighter.

You can’t go wrong with a classic black cat-eye for prom, and user @cristiandennis seems to have mastered the look effortlessly — but not without a matte base and a little bit of lip gloss, of course.

When you have a gown and accessories as bold as the ones @spoiledrottinstrawberry has, you want your makeup to stand out, too. This sparkly red and gold eye shadow look does just that.

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