Acrylic Nails Tutorial | 21st Birthday Nails | Freestyle Acrylic Nails

Materiales Used:

?step by step instructions:

?Acrylic brush:

?Cuticle pusher and nippers: Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle…

?Mía Secret monomer and polymer, color acrylic and glitter:,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:3850178109420881843,rc_q:Nail%2520Supply%2520Glamour,ru_q:Nail%2520Supply%2520Glamour

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?Primer: Young Nails Nail Protein Bond,…

?Xfine drill bit: PANA Professional 3/32″ Shank…

?Coarse drill bit: USA Pana 3/32″ Safety Nail…

?Sanding bands: yueton Pack of 100 Professional Nail Manicure Sanding Bands Grit File Sand Piece Set (#180)


?Nail tips:
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?Tip cutter: Yueton Color Coated Stainless Steel False Nail Tip Clipper Cutter Trimmer Manicure Pedicure Nail Art Tool (Purple)

?UV/LED Lamp: 54W UV Led Nail Lamp Nail Gel Light Professional Nail Art Lamp Curing Nail Light,Led Nail Polish Dryer Curing Lamp Plus Gloves Gift for Gel Manicures