Zoya Calm Spring 2020 Collection


Zoya Calm Spring 2020 Collection

Hello there! Are you ready to check out the Zoya Calm Spring 2020 Collection?

Zoya Calm features six new, muted shades. Five of these are cremes and one is a soft shimmer. All of them really are calming, mellow colors. For some reason they remind me of the kinds of shades you might see in a spring wedding.

These had a good formula and the coverage was pretty nice. Only one of them required three coats for me.

Zoya Laura


Laura is a pale ivory creme.

Zoya Colleen


Colleen is a warm-toned pale pink creme. This is three coats.

Zoya Emerson


Emerson is a soft baby blue creme.

Zoya Leif


Leif is a pale sage green creme.

Zoya Vee


Vee is a dusty lilac creme.

Zoya AJ


AJ is a pale blush pink with copper shimmer.Zoya Calm Spring 2020 CollectionAnd there you have it. This is a nice collection for spring and you know I love a muted color scheme! As far as uniqueness, I feel as though Leif, Vee and AJ are more unique than the other three. And coincidentally, or not, they are my favorites in this collection.

You can find the Zoya Calm Collection on their site now.

How are you feeling about this color palette? Any of these catch your eye?


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