1. Why am I receiving People magazine?

Beautyinformers.com is a new beauty/fashion/health/entertainment site and we want to build brand awareness. We contacted Meredith about the best way to connect with some of Meredith’s current/former magazine subscribers, particularly those with a connection to People magazine.  Meredith identified those subscribers and beautyinformers.com agreed to sponsor complimentary copies of the June issues of People magazine for the subscribers that were identified. 

2. How many issues will I receive? 

You will receive one issue only.

3. How did you get my name? 

Beauty Informers does not have your name or personal information. Your name was selected from a pool of current/former subscribers to various Meredith titles by Meredith Corporation. Meredith Corporation is the publisher of People magazine.

4. Will you sell my information?

Beauty Informers does not have your information so we don’t have anything to sell. Meredith can mark your account accordingly to ensure your information is not sold.  Please contact Meredith directly at 877-604-6512 to let them know not to sell your information.

5. Can I get a different magazine?    

No, this offer is for People magazine only. You may opt out from receiving additional issues of People if you’d like by calling Meredith at 877-604-6512; or by completing our contact form, selecting the People Magazine subject and by providing your address so that we can send the information to Meredith. This is the last complimentary issue you will receive regardless.  

6. Will you charge me for this? / Is it set up for auto-renewal?   

No, the subscribers who receive these issues will not be charged in any way. They will only be charged/auto-renewed if they take action to order a subscription from one of Meredith’s marketing channels.

7. Can you cancel my subscription? Please cancel my subscription.  

We are unable to cancel any subscriptions. We simply sponsored the campaign, we did not send you the magazine. You may opt out from receiving additional issues of People if you’d like by calling Meredith at 877-604-6512.

8. I already bought this issue, can I get a different issue? 

Unfortunately the promotion is for the issue you received.  Thanks so much for purchasing People magazine!  Please feel free to give this copy to a friend or family member.

9. Can I get it digitally? 

You were selected to receive a complimentary print copy. Unfortunately we do not have a digital version available to send.  

10. How do I get in touch with Meredith to take my name off their list?

Please call Meredith directly at 877-604-6512.