2 Kinds of Value: Instacart Saves Time and Money

Weight Loss

It’s the end of pushing around a grocery cart with a wobbly wheel.
The end of long lines, crowded aisles and parking lots.

Instacart adds time and money back to your day with its easy-to-use website for shopping and same-day delivery.


Instacart sends shoppers to hand-pick your favorite items from your favorite stores and brings them back to your front door in as little as an hour. Yes, they’ll be careful with your eggs, too!

Enter your ZIP code to see the participating stores and the delivery times. Select the store, even big warehouse stores are options in some areas, and start adding to your cart. 

Stores have a menu of departements like dairy and produce or a search option to easily find your items.

There is a place on the site called “Your Items” that will list previously purchased items for you to easily add to your cart next time. This is convenient for those items you buy again and again like bread, milk or diapers. OK, wine.


Not only will you be cutting down on “impulse items” that you add to your cart  when you’re hungry or waiting in line (no lines here!), but there are coupons!

One of the tabs will be Coupons for you to just shop the sale items to increase your savings even more.

Also, if you get some friends to sign up, they save $10 and you save $10 on your next order. Win-win!

Click here to save time and money with Instacart!