3 ways Staying Healthy just got Easier with SplendidSpoon.com

Weight Loss


Splendid Spoon is a plant-based/vegan, ready-to-eat, home delivery meal program created with high-quality gluten-free, GMO-free ingredients. They offer smoothies, soups, grain bowls and a Ginger & Lemon Wellness Shot to help you stay on target for your health goals.

Save time by not reading at all of those labels and trying to figure out what the ingredients are: these are clean and fresh! No worries!

Also, check out the Reset Day of all light soups, it will help you recover from an illness, or maybe just some bad food choices, to get your digestive system back on track.


Delivered right to your door weekly and packed in 100% recyclable, BPA-free materials and dry ice, Splendid Spoon wants to keep the planet healthy, too! 

If you need to cancel or put your subscription on hold, for a vacation or any other reason, it’s easy. Plus, you can pick what day to have your meals delivered, which makes it work for your lifestyle. 


After the first week, mix it up by mixing and matching mealtimes for what works for your unique schedule. All of this is done on their website so it’s easy and convenient.

There are 14 low-sugar flavors of smoothies to sip on for breakfast and 27 varieties of veggie-loaded soup and grain bowls for a healthy lunch.

For an extra boost when you are feeling under the weather, try the Ginger & Lemon Wellness Shots for a potent infusion of vitamins. We can’t wait for the new flavors to try, too!

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