Fool Proof Dinners with ButcherBox

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Weight Loss

2020 has arrived, and I’m looking to get into a healthier lifestyle and giving up on reaching for poor quality meat from the supermarket or more often than not caving in to a takeaway with god knows what in it!

I’m not exactly a pro in the kitchen, so I knew that if I were going to stick to a balanced approach to eating, I would need some help.

A few friends from work have been using ButcherBox, a monthly meat delivery that delivers high-quality meat that you’d never find “In The Wild”. They’re always posting pictures on social media of what they have cooked each night, but – even though they did look delicious – it still wasn’t enough to get me into the mood to cook as I couldn’t imagine dedicating time to find the ingredients.

But when I found that ButcherBox offered mouth-watering, humanely-raised meat delivered right to your door that was not only free of both antibiotics and hormones but also grass-fed, I was curious! Here’s what happened.

First, selecting what to have was hassle-free and straightforward. My boyfriend and I were excited to try the award-winning streaky bacon, and rare bread pork so we decided to create our own custom box on the website. We planned our meals out with the great recipes that ButcherBox provides and added all the meat we would need to make our creations. When Monday evening came, we were happy in the knowledge that a box of goodness was waiting for us on the doorstep, and we were breaking the cycle of messages about what to have for dinner from lunchtime onwards.

ButcherBox made the whole cooking process completely fool-proof. The detailed step-by-step recipes on the website even have photos, so I was able to see exactly what I was meant to be doing. As the ingredients meat was all pre-portioned, there was no waste or mess left once I’d finished cooking. Safe to say – we were happy to have skipped the takeaway! In under 20 minutes, we had dinner on the table before settling in to watch an episode of The Crown. I was genuinely surprised at how delicious, fresh, and mouthwatering the food I HAD MADE was.

All of the recipes we’ve tried so far from the Rapid collection have been really delicious, and I’m enjoying the variety, too. My favorite meal from this week was the Quick Chermoula Chicken – which I’d never tried before.

I’ve been getting ButcherBox deliveries for a couple of weeks now, and I can already notice that our evening meals are not only much tastier but also easier thanks to the fantastic recipes provided by ButcherBox. Cooking is quick and easy, and we’re eating well without any added. Speedy dinners mean that I’m keeping to my other resolution of going to the gym three nights a week. I’m also noticing that cutting down on takeaways is leaving me with some more funds in my bank account.

I’m proud that I’m not only sticking to a New Years’ resolution but really enjoying it. My boyfriend and I are so pleased to have found an easy solution to shake up our dinner routines, taking it in turns to cook for one another and eating healthy, wholesome food at home.

Update: The folks at ButcherBox are extending a special offer to our readers! Get 2 grass-fed filet mignons + 1 pack of bacon + $10 OFF!