If Cycling, Gymnastics, and Dance Cardio Had a Baby, You’d Have These Mesmerizing Videos

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I hope I wouldn’t need to say this out loud, but just in case I do — do not try this at home! The things Olena Sheremet can do on a bike make my mind spin as fast as her bike wheels! As a group cycling instructor (with a background in gymnastics) based in the Ukrainian city of Lviv, Sheremet created SpinBikeFit, a challenging workout on a spin bike that combines cycling with gymnastics (and a little bit of dance cardio!). It’s called cycle gymnastics, and although Sheremet makes it look effortless, it takes an amazing amount of strength, coordination, and flexibility to do.

Here’s a compilation of Sheremet’s most impressive videos. Watch her balance on two hands with her legs in a straddle position, or be mesmerized as she kicks her leg over the handlebars while balancing on the other leg — all while the pedals are still spinning! We can barely keep up with a regular cycling class, and she’s swinging her legs all around the bike like it’s nothing. We’ll just sit here amazed and leave the cycling stunts to Sheremet.