Madelaine Petsch Shared Her Workout Routine on YouTube, and I’m Exhausted Just Watching It

Weight Loss

Madelaine Petsch just shared her daily workout routine on YouTube, and it has us sweating for more reasons than one. During the 19-minute video, the Riverdale actress crushes a series of exercises with her (very easy on the eyes) trainer, Stephen Pasterino, who created the low-impact, high-intensity fitness method known as P.volve.

The moves are far more intense than anything Cheryl Blossom would ever do, working not only the star’s legs and booty but also her abs and arms. Although Madelaine uses a few pieces of P.volve equipment during the workout, she noted that the whole sequence can technically be done without them, which is ideal for all you fans of equipment-free, at-home workouts. If you’re looking for a new set of exercises to bring a bit of variation to your weekly workouts, watch Madelaine’s exhausting routine ahead, or keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of every single move.