This Full-Body Dance Workout Will Get Your Heart Rate Up, Without You Ever Leaving Home

Weight Loss

Cardio is a necessary evil. You need it to burn calories and maintain a healthy weight, but we understand that it’s not everyone’s jam. Thankfully, cardio doesn’t have to be synonymous with slogging away on a treadmill, if that’s not how you like to exercise. It can even be — dare we say it — fun! See for yourself with this dance circuit from Amanda Kloots, whose workouts are featured in the POPSUGAR Fitness 4-Week Full-Body Fusion program, available on Glow by POPSUGAR.

Each move helps you tighten and tone your abs, arms, legs, and glutes while getting your heart rate up. There’s no equipment and no gym needed — just find a safe place to work out at home, and start sweating. Once you’ve mastered the moves, repeat the entire circuit three times for a workout that will really whip you into shape!